ProBridgeTech :: microVB :: microVB IP Monitoring Probe - Starter System
microVB IP Monitoring Probe - Starter System
microVB IP Monitoring Probe - Starter System
Weight 16.00 lbs
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The VideoBRIDGE microVB products take measurement to the final delivery point in a Video-over-IP system where most errors occur. Small in form-factor, the microVB is about the size of a deck of playing cards. Completely unobtrusive in design, the product allows for performance metrics at the final step of the distribution chain with reported values for channel change times, bandwidth and network protocol performance.

The microVB BASE-SYSTEM includes 3 components: a 50-piece pack of the microVB devices, licenses to enable the probes to automatically communicate to a central reporting server, and the microDevices server software for data collection.

  • Passive, inline device for "last mile" monitoring at the STB
  • Saves OpEx in Truck Roll Expenses By Having On-Site Monitoring at Customer
  • Dedicated hardware so you do not change the STB
  • No product setup required. Customer can install without instruction
  • Can be powered by the STB or optional external PSU
  • Provides 24/7 Operation and Instant Performance Feedback
  • microVB devices automatically report to the Micro Device Controller (MDC)
  • MDC can be integrated with the VideoBridge Controller GUI
  • MediaWindowTM display of MLR (packet loss) and IAT (packet jitter)
  • MediaWindowTM display of bandwidth
  • RTP packet loss detection
  • Presentation of join latency
  • Optional traffic protocol breakdown with bitrates and packet rates
  • User specified whitelist of multicast addresses to be monitored


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